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S ­ SMILE and make guests feel welcome 

Greet guests within 30 seconds of them entering the store. Always smile, make eye contact and use a happy, positive tone. 

T­ TALK to your guest about their needs 

Be genuine. Give them a compliment. Use an icebreaker when approaching a client. Then ask them questions. “Have you been to our store before”, “Are you shopping for a special occasion”, etc. 

Y ­ YOU are their stylist, create a desire for our product and for YOU!

YOU are the expert- ACT like it! ALWAYS exchange names with your guest. Show them what is new, what is your favorite item in the store currently and what they ask about. If they asked for something specific, stay focused on their needs. Use this time to build outfits per their needs. 

L ­ LEAD them to the fitting room you arranged for them.

As their stylists, once they are in the dressing room, introduce other products to the sale. Once they are in their fitting room this is your opportunity to ADD ON to your sale. ALWAYS bring them a pair of shoes! Show them a clutch or show them jewelry that will compliment what they are trying. Don’t be afraid to introduce more outfits that fit their needs. 

I ­ INQUIRE  It is important to build a relationship with the client and to gain their trust. Use their name when addressing them. In this step you should be re visiting them at their dressing room and inquiring how they are doing. Do not let your client get overwhelmed with choices. If they are trying on A LOT of items, offer to remove some that they have decided against. 

S­ SENSE when they are ready to close the sale or when they need help making decisions. 

If they are deciding between items, help them make the final decision that best meets their original needs. Offer a closing statement if needed. Remember that the clients really value your stylist opinion, so make sure to state the benefits of both items they are trying to decide between. Explain why they would BOTH benefit their wardrobe. (Will go into depth about the different closing approaches in the training version). Always be sure of yourself as the stylist. Once they have decided on the items they do want, a great way to continue to add on and keep them engaged is to say “Why don’t you take a peek through our jewelry while I get your items wrapped up” 

T­ THANK them for shopping with you at K|LA. GET THEIR information! Please do not reach over the cash wrap to take or give items to the clients, WALK around the cash wrap and hand it to them.

Once you have their information it is recommended to follow up with a Thank You note. If it was a purchase for a special occasion you may even want to call and see how their occasion went. If it was a gift, you may want to follow up to see if they’re enjoying it. ADD them to your client book for future outreach.