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    We love showing off what has been covered all winter - our legs! You could say skies out, thighs out… and K|LA is here to help out with that. In the summer, the highlight is being outside enjoying the fresh air and feeling the breeze. You can do just that while looking absolutely stunning. Here a... View Post

    Summer is just around the corner and we are dreaming of warm sand, ice cold fruity drinks, and the perfect tan. We may be inside now, but this won’t last forever ladies!  If you’re like me, you’re ready to start planning your Summer adventure (if you haven't already).  I put together a list of items every girl needs a) in her closet & b) in her suitcase this Summer and how to wear them!

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  • Let's FF To Summer

    Since we are in such a strange time right now, it’s best to look forward to a time when life is a little more normal.  These rising temperatures got me dreaming of Summer!  I think we’re all ready for some R&R (sitting at home during a pandemic does not count).  More like chillin' by the pool & beach!  But first you need the perfect suit, here are a few bathing suit styles every babe needs: View Post